Upper 2nd molar with 4 canals

Diagnostic IOPA

Working Length

Access view

Master Cones in place

Master cone X-ray

Post Obturation View

Non surgical Management of Leison

Case 1

Pulpa irritants are removed from canals and working length determined

Wein’s recommendations are followed and master cone fit checked

When the canals are dry and ready for obturation they are sealed as per lateral condensation technique

Case 2

Pre Operative

Master Cones in place

Post Obturation View

Surgical management of Lesion

Working length file is used to measure length of vertical releasing incision

Crevicular incisions and single vertical releasing incision planned.

The lesions are exposed and curetted

The files exit through root tip

The root tips are prepared, the flap is repositioned and sutures are placed

Post op radiograph

Tapered Metal Screw Post (Case I, Case II, Case III)

Case I

Radiograph checked for apical seal, thickness of dentin, and root length.

Post placed to 2/3rd of root length.

Broken tooth.

Post space prepared.

Screw post in place.

Case II

Post space shows condensed Gutta Percha.

Peeso reamer inserted to verify post space preparation and length.

Post placed and checked for occlusal clearance.

After coronal built up.